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We can help drive value and reduce contractual risk.

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We can reduce your spend through our products and solutions.

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We can help grow your business through our consultancy services.
How Athena Commercial can help your business

Our skills and tools can help your business reduce costs, improve profitability, reduce risk and delight your customers. We work with our clients in a transparent and partnered fashion to deliver exceptional results.

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Contract Management Software

We are UK Integration Partner for One View Now contract management platform


We can support your business commercially both pre and post contract.


We can build your cost and pricing models and conduct numerous different financial analyses.


We can lead or support your procurement project ensuring your contract is value for money and deliverable.


We can review terms and conditions, construct contract management tools and draft your contracts or clauses.
Contract Management Software

Why choose contract management software over traditional methods?

One View software allows you to see a simple, up-to-date summary of all your company’s contracts at the click of a button. By giving your staff access to contracts through a password-protected website, you can ensure they have the latest version of the documents they need, wherever they are. Two great reasons to ditch the filing cabinets today.

Is getting your contracts signed taking up valuable time?

Contract management software makes it easy to manage the approval of contracts. With a few clicks and an e-signature, your documents can be added to the system, shared with the necessary parties, signed and ready to go. Spend less time chasing approval and more time getting on with what you do best.

Is keeping track of renewal dates a constant concern?

Contract management software allows you to set customisable renewal alerts, so you never miss a renewal date again. Choose how far in advance you want to be alerted so you can shop around for a better deal or take advantage of early renewal offers. Don’t get caught out by increased fees or missed deadlines – our software has got it all under control.

Does the thought of digitising your existing contracts fill you with fear?

We know the software inside out; we can transfer your contracts into the new system for you. We can prepare the files and create contract summaries of all the key information, so you can optimise your business performance and profitability without the hassle. Start your journey toward simpler times today.

Why Athena Commercial?

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants and associates have deep experience in commercial and procurement in a wide range of sectors.

Innovative Thinkers

Forward thinking consultancy services, using cutting edge tools and techniques to meet client objectives.

We're Transparency Led

We specialise in transparent, partnered and incentive led commercial contracting, with specialist knowledge in Open Book Contracting.

Flexible Charging Model

We scale our pricing to your solution and offer hourly, daily or fixed price charging models to ensure full transparency.

Sophisticated Tools

We utilise our own tools and techniques to manage our consultancy assignments and deliver value to our clients.

Best Practice

Our consultants bring a wide range of experience from leading companies and deploy best practice to ensure compliance and profitability.
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