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Boosting business success through tailored financial management: Ensuring profitability and compliance in every contract endeavour.

What Is Contract Financial Management?

Contract Financial Management revolves around overseeing and optimising the financial aspects of contracts. It aims to align estimated and actual spends, ensuring contracts are both profitable and deliver value for money.

Achieve Financial Precision in Contracts

The intricacies of contract financials can often be daunting. But with proper management, these financials become a tool to enhance profitability, customer satisfaction, and contract performance. Athena Commercial offers a suite of financial management solutions, equipping businesses with the tools and insights to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Support for Every Pound Spent

The key to a successful contract lies not just in the terms agreed, but also in the effective management of its financial dimensions. Drawing on our rich experience, we offer holistic services to support, optimise, and transform your contract financials.

Financial Modelling Mastery

Tailored cost and pricing models to reflect the unique nature of each contract.

Pricing Audits

Assuring value for money through comprehensive audits aligning with best practices and contractual agreements.

In-depth Financial Analysis

Pinpoint areas of value leakage and recommendations to enhance cost optimisation.

Change Proposals & Approvals

Develop financial positions for change proposals, ensuring alignment with contract principles.

Contractual Performance Review

Insights into the financial performance of contracts, supporting profit and loss reporting.

Operational & Supplier Spend Management

From overseeing supplier performance to challenging prices, we ensure optimal value at every stage.

Risks & Contingencies

Comprehensive review of financial and pricing risks, ensuring robust mitigation strategies.

Assumptions & Dependencies

Highlighting potential opportunities and pitfalls, paired with actionable implementation plans.

Supplier Financial Management

Tools and strategies to optimise supplier performance.

Price Audit & Benchmarking Support

Offering assistance in pricing audits, ensuring you always get the best deal.

Our Working Ethos & Engagement Approach

Whether remotely reviewing your models or being on-site to collaborate directly, our approach is adaptable, ensuring a seamless integration with your teams. We craft and refine processes, from standard templates to automating cost collection, aiming for precision and efficiency in every financial aspect of your contracts.

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