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As a leading management consultancy, we specialise in guiding businesses through the bids and tenders process, ensuring tailored, compliant, and competitive proposal submissions.

What Is a Bid No Bid Review

A bid/no bid review is where an organisation reviews key criteria before investing resources into submitting a bid. Its purpose is to determine whether there is a chance of winning to ensure resources and efforts aren't wasted.

Invest your resources into the right bids

Your business resources are valuable assets, so it is important to conduct commercial analysis before embarking on the bid process. We can make sure you optimise your resource and only use them on the bids that will best help you achieve your strategic goals. Not every bid will suit your business strategy, your products/solutions or commercial position, and knowing when to divert your energy elsewhere is an important skill to master.

An example bid no bid checklist

Customer Needs and Solution Fit

1.  Have you fully understood the customer’s requirements
2. Does your solution align with the customers desired outcomes?

Customer Relationship

3. Do you have a previous or existing relationship with the customer?
4. Have prior engagements been positive and beneficial?

Pre-Bid Capture Management

5. Have you conduced pre-bid activities to strengthen your reputation with key stakeholders?
6. Are you aware of the customer’s key decisionmakers and influencers?

Pricing & Financial Modelling

7. Do you understand the financial requirements of the bid?
8. Can you offer a proposal that creates mutual incentives and shared benefits?

Risk Assessment

9. Are you aware of all potential risks, including solution, technical, pricing and programme?
10.  Do you understand inputs/dependencies from the customer and have measures to mitigate any uncertainties?

Supply Chain & Subcontractor Management

11. Do you understand your planned supply chain and key relationships?
12. Are you confident key suppliers will be exclusively bidding with you?
13. Do you have an internal supplier management function to ensure third-party commitments are met?

Market & Competitive Intelligence

14. Do you have insights into the other potential bidders?
15.  Are you aware of the customer’s budget constraints and potential price to secure the bid?

Resource & Time Management

16. Do you possess the necessary resources to prepare a comprehensive bid response?
17.  Can you meet the bid submission deadline without compromising quality?

Contractual Terms and Clarity

18. Have you reviewed the proposed contract terms?
19. Are there any terms that pose unacceptable conditions or risks?

We can conduct your Bid No Bid Assessment

Navigating the complexities of tendering processes can be daunting. We offer a bid/no-bid service tailored to enhance your decision-making capabilities. Leveraging in-depth market insights and strategic evaluation methods, we assist clients in identifying worthwhile opportunities, mitigating risks, and optimizing resources. Partner with us to bolster your bidding success rate, ensuring you pursue only the most promising and aligned opportunities for your business.

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