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As a leading management consultancy, we specialise in guiding businesses through the bids and tenders process, ensuring tailored, compliant, and competitive proposal submissions.

Evaluate Your Bids Potential

Before you press 'submit', let's make certain your bid stands out. With years of industry knowledge, we critically audit your bids structure and commercial aspects. By partnering with us, you enhance your submission, amplifying your chances of securing the deal.

When to Reach Out& How We Operate

Diving into the bidding arena is exciting but not without its complexities. Our focused bid audit identifies potential hiccups, presenting solutions tailored for your success. We ensure your bid reflects clarity, compliance, and a compelling case, increasing your odds in the competitive landscape.

Why we are your ideal Bid Audit partners

Our consultants have worked in procurement and led bids from the other side of the table and therefore know what to look for. This unique perspective allows you to test run customer feedback and integrate that into your bid management process.

Our Bid Audit Services

Take a closer look at our bid audit services that deliverprecision and success:

Solution & Proposal Analysis

A deep dive into your proposed solutions, ensuring they align with client needs and bid requirements.

Mock Scoring

Review and simulate scoring of your proposal against the given bid evaluation criteria, helping predict and optimise your results.

Pricing Review

Comprehensive scrutiny of your pricing strategy, identifying and addressing any potential concerns.

Win Theme Evaluation

Analysis of your proposal's key strengths and themes, coupled with actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Navigating bids can be tricky. With our expert bid audit services, we transform your proposals into winning solutions. From detailed analysis to actionable recommendations, we're your ally in achieving success. Reach out, and let's pave your path to victory.

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