Practical Steps to reduce IT costs


Difficult times call for tough action. The global pandemic has left businesses fighting for survival and looking to cut costs. The increase in remote working has meant businesses have had to make quick decisions regarding the technologies they use, which may not have been the best purchasing decisions.

For businesses looking to reduce technology spend here are some practical tips to reduce costs:

-         Remember Moore’s Law: capacity and speed double every 2 years and costs halve every two years. Audit your technology portfolio regularly and utilise e-discovery tools.

-         Put in methods to manage your software licensing and ensure you’re on the right tariffs and monitor staff leavers and joiners. Consider reviewing dependence on Microsoft and switch to Google if it works for your business.

-         Deploy cloud based technologies to automate processes, examples include travel booking, payroll, cost management and sales .

-         Ditch the landlines! The time of the landline is over and if your still using one your bleeding money. Instead you should use VOIP.

-         Review your hardware spend. You may not actually need expensive laptops when “thin client” hardware that runs from resources stored on a central server are much cheaper.

-         Don’t just buy “on feel”. Utilise proper procurement practices and detailed requirements capture and it will pay dividend.

-         Take time to review your technology contracts before signing them to avoid automatic price increases, capacity limits, cancellation restrictions and automatic renewals.

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